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Cindy McGlynn, Writer Researcher, Food, Wine, and Health Welcome to! This is a happy place where modern guys and gals can read about fine food and wonderful wines - at prices which fit nicely into the modern pocketbook.

Who is Grapegirl? She is the everywoman of affordable, stylish good taste. More specifically, Grape is a Toronto based journalist specializing in food, wine, health and travel. Grapegirl has spent years sipping wine, tasting tea and poking her nose in pots around the city and around the world. She's a chatty one - and decided to put her chit chat to good use by collecting her musings and sharing them with you. Nose around the site and you will see what we mean!

On you'll find a handy wine selection, some great Toronto restaurant picks, links to Grapegirl's favourite places and a selection of Grape's musings on food, wine, travel and health. If you're an editor who needs a crack cultural reporter, drop us a line and we'll unlock the door to Grapegirl's resume and top secret full identity!

Featured Wine:
$19.95 - Rioja
"Marques de Riscal" - Spain
1997 - 13%

* more great wines here!
Featured Quote:
"Work is the curse of the drinking class."
Oscar Wilde
Featured Fruit:

Grapegirl's favorite... grapes!

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