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Have corkscrew, will travel
Invite a professional sommelier to your next dinner party and add real sparkle... (The Globe And Mail)

Everything stops for Tea
Coffee has been whipped and frothed and half-caffed to death: Tea is the next obvious step. (The Globe and Mail)

Budget Begone! review of Holt's Cafe
To be a lady who lunches is a good thing. To be a lady who lunches at Holt's Cafe, now that's a really... (eye magazine)

San Diego has more than just its famous zoo
In the last 15 years, the attitude thas changed. The city is vibrant. There are new younger people moving in. (travelweek)

Stylish, Strapping Stockholm
It's easy to live in. The water is so clean, people here actually swim in it... (The Globe and Mail)

Debunking the myth of the mad genius
Who among us can't picture an impassioned Vincent Van Gogh, soul on fire, painting his sunflowers? (CrossCurrents)

Healing from depression naturally
- treatments such as herbal remedies, acupuncture and massage therapy are today labelled "complimentary" - (The Journal of Addiction and Mental Health)

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